Monday, February 16, 2009

Of Jumping Frogs & Nude Photo Scandals

The whole world is facing the worst economic recessions in the entire human history and what are things going on in our own 'backyard'....

First of all, we have some katak (frogs) jumping about and now we have some nude photos scandal. Aiyo, why do we keep on seeing reruns not only on our tv with shows like the evergreen P. Ramlee movies but also on our politikus front?

We the ordinary Malaysian people, the employees of MNCs and various SME/SMIs are facing potential job losses and some even already lost their jobs. What has the government done for us?

All I can say is, if the present government, yes BN, does not do anything about it, they can kiss goodbye to the next GE. I for one will definitely vote for anybody else except them even if I have to vote for an ex-Gigolo.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Joke of the day

"During a robbery, one of the robbers mask slid down.He looked at a man and asked. Did you see my face?The man said yes! The robber shot him.Then he asked a woman. Did you see my face? She said no, but my husband over there did."
To the men:- Don't play play, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!
To the women:- The fastest way to get rid of your 'baggage'!

Want Not Waste Not!

Whenever you feel like dumping your unfinished yummy food,

Contemplate on these............................

Your unfinished food could have fed tens of starving children around the world!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Be Contented With What We Have

We strive on diligently,
Accummulating abundance of wealth,
We neglect seemingly,
Ignoring our spiritual well-being and health.

Money is never enough,
For those who seek with greed,
Their life gone through the rough,
Lusting forever to fulfill their needs.

What is a million or two,
For those who have filled their coffers,
To the brim and yet whining too,
Asking forever more offers.

There are those who live in poverty,
Whose only wish is to fill their tummies,
Without money or any property,
Striving hard to survive daily.

What is the meaning of this life,
Our happiness intertwined with sorrow,
Searching heedlessly we strive,
Not knowing what may come tomorrow.

"Be contented", says the Wise,
For life is full of uncertainties,
"Be mindful", says the Wise,
For death is upon us unsparingly...